Years of Experience

Years of Experience

Semelif Health Consultant creates occupational health and wellbeing solutions for employers across the UK. We offer all manner of things that a caring employer might need to keep their people in work safe and well, including absence management, employee screening, help with alcohol and drug issues, a vast array of employee wellbeing and a range of other specialist services.

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Our employee are certified and highly experienced professionals.

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Testimonials From Our Happy Clients

That blog was recommended by my cousin to me. She takes my pain away from me at every session. She is perfect as no one has ever done before. You are incredible! Thank you!

I had the 90 Minute Sports massage and came out of it a new man! If you’re like me and require a lot of force to relieve tension, this is the place to go.” “My Therapist was a great listener and empathetic, and a fantastic masseuse. Having been back a second time, she remembered what I had initially come to her about, asked how I’d felt since, and adjusted the treatment.

I recommend all massages, especially Medical massage.Another aspect I would mention is that it’s not just about the massage – the atmosphere and aesthetic is perfect for feeling relaxed and at ease. Cannot recommend enough, and I’ll certainly be back.” You must give it a try. Do yourself this favor.

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